When adding an image file from a device that is retrieved by the user to firebase cloud storage, would it be okay to append .jpg, .png, or .webp to the filename?

For example,




I've been doing this in the past with no problems, but it doesn't feel right. Would I have to retrieve the file type and add the appropriate extension?

I would want all the images in the firebase storage to have the same file extension, but I am not sure if getting different file types from ImagePicker and adding a uniform extension is a proper way to save an image?

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Solution 1: eandpi

You don't need to specify a type. If you specify a specific file ending like .png or .jpg, firebase storage will override the auto-detected type. Take a look at the firebase storage docs here. It goes into more depth, but bottom-line answer is if you specify a file type firebase storage will update the initial auto-detected type.