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Kanade Apk Extractor

Kanade is a simple app that allows you to extract apk from your apps list. Fully open-source, zero-ads and no-tracking.

How it looks

  • Multiple themes.
  • Multiple fonts.
  • English, Japanese, Portuguese, German and Spanish supported.
  • Minimal UI.

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What's an apk extractor

Installed apps from PlayStore doesn't expose their apk installation files by default. So if you want to share some app you will need to send the PlayStore link, and if you are offline or the app is no longer available on the PlayStore you won't be able to do so.

So here we are, whatever the reason, if you want to share some app directly through a p2p connection (Bluetooth, Wifi-Direct, etc.) you can use apk extractors! These kind of apps allow the user to extract the hidden apk files from almost any installed app to a visible location (e.g Downloads folder).


This is what is currently available:

  • Apk extraction, I'm sure you are not expecting that.
  • Multiple apk extraction at once.
  • Select/deselect all.
  • List and search device apps (and internal packages).
  • Extract to a desired location, no security or privacy issues brought by MANAGE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE.
  • Multiple color themes and fonts.
  • Bad designer Minimalist UI.
  • No ads or tracking, this app doesn't even has INTERNET permission.

Missing features

Listed by priority:

  • List extracted apks files inside the app (A).
  • Allow uninstall apps (B).
  • Share listed apk through bluetooth or wifi-direct (C, requires A).
  • Analyze apk metainfo (name, version, package, etc.) (D).
  • Sign-in apk (E).

Installation (Universal apk)

The app universal apk (20MB) is delivered on these fonts:

Installation (x86-64, armeabi-v7 and arm64-v8)

Specific-abi apks are compatible only with a subset of devices but they are substantially lighter than the universal apk. So, if you are that guy from The Matrix who stares at falling green cliffs all day, feel free to download and install your specific-apk (8MB) at:

How it works

To display all installed apps the 🔗 device_apps package is used and the apk extraction (that is a simple copy/paste operation between two files) is possible by 🔗 shared_storage package.

Build by your own

Flutter has a great documentation in case you don't have a configured Flutter environment yet.

1. Get deps and generate l10n local library

To get app dependencies:

flutter pub get

To run the code generation (that generates the flutter_gen library used for i18n features):

flutter gen-l10n

2. Generate binaries

If you're looking for the apk:

flutter build apk
# or specific-abis
flutter build apk --split-per-abi

You can also generate the app bundle:

flutter build appbundle


There are several ways to contribute:

  • To improve the translation: 1. open the /i18n folder, 2. create a file app_<thelangcodeyouwanttoaddorimprove>.arb and 3. translate the keys 4. then open a PR, that's it.

  • To report a bug, create a new issue with an screenshot or a small description of the bug.

  • To request a feature please add an issue to further discuss.

If you wanna contribute in private, you can also ping me on my email [email protected] to discuss any of the points above.

Thanks in advance.



  • Credits to all open-source libraries used in this app, see full list on pubspec.yaml.
  • All fonts in this repository are subject to copyright of it's respective owners.
  • All images in this repository are subject to copyright of it's respective owners.

For content removal, please, ping me on my email [email protected].

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