Full-stack music player app is written in flutter and dart using node.js music API. Fully Functional music player with UI like Spotify app. Added 500+ royalty-free music and information about artists. Application users can make their own playlist or collect liked songs. for backend setup here



Download the release APK


  • added 1000+ music, 300+ artists
  • Queue Management
  • can make a collection of liked songs.
  • create/delete your own playlist.
  • Spotify UI clone for the best experience.
  • notification player.
  • recordable list for currently playing playlist ( you can drag music to set an order for playlist).
  • Cache support
  • Song, Album, Artist, and Playlist Search
  • Best Streaming Quality

And much more

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How to run?

To clone and run this application, you'll need Git and Flutter installed on your computer. From your command line:

first setup backned from here

Backend setup you can setup backend on heroku. i have attached some steps for setup in readme file of backend. and edit api/url.dart file put your own url in baseUrl variable without "https://"

Clone this repository

$ git clone

Go into the repository

$ cd Flutter-Musive-app

Install dependencies

$ flutter pub get

Run the app

$ flutter run

Contact me

for backend or any other configuration feel free to contact me.

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