I need to display a Scaffold drawer only for the portrait mode of some specific devices. I'm using conditional rendering (the showDrawer is true when the specific devices are met)

    key: _scaffoldKey,
    drawer: showDrawer ? drawer : null,
    body: Text('test')

This is not breaking the app (it works) but it is giving me a console error when I rotate the devices

════════ Exception caught by widgets library

The following assertion was thrown while finalizing the widget tree:
setState() or markNeedsBuild() called when widget tree was locked. 

This Scaffold widget cannot be marked as needing to build because the framework is locked.

I tried changing the conditional to:

drawer: showDrawer ? drawer : const SizedBox(),

but then the drawer overlay displays and hides the UI. Removing the conditional makes the console error disappear.

Any ideas on how can I solve this?