I'm using ScrollController for SingleChildScrollView widget where I want to detect when scroll start, end/stop and still scrolling?

How can I detect, I'm using Listene

scrollController = ScrollController()
      ..addListener(() {
        scrollOffset = _scrollController.offset;

Also try with _scrollController.position.activity.velocity but didn't help me.

Also there are


But how can I use it?

Solution 1: Murat Aslan


if(_scrollController.position.pixels == _scrollController.position.maxScrollExtent){ //scroll end }

to use these, you should add a listener to your scrollview

Solution 2: iPatel

From this link https://medium.com/@diegoveloper/flutter-lets-know-the-scrollcontroller-and-scrollnotification-652b2685a4ac

Just Wrap your SingleChildScrollView to NotificationListener and update your code like ..

                onNotification: (scrollNotification) {
                  if (scrollNotification is ScrollStartNotification) {
                  } else if (scrollNotification is ScrollUpdateNotification) {
                  } else if (scrollNotification is ScrollEndNotification) {
                child: SingleChildScrollView(
                /// YOUR OWN CODE HERE

And just declare method like

_onStartScroll(ScrollMetrics metrics) {
    print("Scroll Start");

  _onUpdateScroll(ScrollMetrics metrics) {
    print("Scroll Update");

  _onEndScroll(ScrollMetrics metrics) {
    print("Scroll End");

You will be notify by particular method.

Solution 3: Abdullah Khan

NotificationListner not work for me because i animate scrollview. When i touch it ScrollEndNotification is called.

So to detect scrollview reach bottom or top. I added Listner to scrollcontroller.


  _scrollListener() {
    if (_scrollController.offset >= _scrollController.position.maxScrollExtent &&
        !_scrollController.position.outOfRange) {
      setState(() {
        debugPrint("reach the top");
    if (_scrollController.offset <= _scrollController.position.minScrollExtent &&
        !_scrollController.position.outOfRange) {
      setState(() {
        debugPrint("reach the top");

Solution 4: The Vinh Luong

No need for NotificationListener, we can use solely scroll controller for this.

First, register a post-frame callback by using WidgetsBinding.instance.addPostFrameCallback to make sure that the scroll controller by that time has already associated with a scroll view. We will setup listener in that callback.

For listening to scrolling update we can use scrollController.addListener.

For listening to start and stop scrolling we can use bgScrollCtrl.position.isScrollingNotifier.addListener. You can check the code below:

WidgetsBinding.instance.addPostFrameCallback((timeStamp) {
      scrollCtrl.addListener(() { 
      scrollCtrl.position.isScrollingNotifier.addListener(() { 
        if(!scrollCtrl.position.isScrollingNotifier.value) {
          print('scroll is stopped');
        } else {
          print('scroll is started');

Solution 5: K_Chandio

You can use _scrollController.position.pixels for getting scroll position and addlistener to be notified about changes

if(_scrollController.position.pixels == _scrollController.position.maxScrollExtent){
//for scroll end

if(_scrollController.position.pixels == _scrollController.position.minScrollExtent){
//for scroll at top

Solution 6: goodonion

There's a package for this use case. scroll_edge_listener

You can detect either the start or the end of the scroll with a few configurations such as offset and debounce. Just wrap your scroll view with the ScrollEdgeListener and attach a listener.

  edge: ScrollEdge.end,
  edgeOffset: 400,
  continuous: false,
  debounce: const Duration(milliseconds: 500),
  dispatch: true,
  listener: () {
    debugPrint('listener called');
  child: ListView(
    children: const [