I had the same problem than here:How to open Android SDK manager from terminal?

That question was marked as duplicated of this one: How to open then the Android SDK Manager through the terminal?

But, as you can see in the comments it's really not a duplicated one because the problem is different.

Anyway, neither of the answers to either question solved the problem for me.

I have downloaded Android SDK, Command line tools only for Windows 10. And when I run: .\sdkmanager.bat, I get this message: [=======================================] 100% Computing updates... but nothing happens.

I have installed Java and everything seems to be ok.

Solution 1: Juan Antonio Tubío

So, I found the solution and I couldn't answer in the above-mentioned questions because both of them are closed.

The problem was that you have to tell sdkmanager which libraries do you want to install. So, my solution was run: sdkmanager --list to see the last version available and then download the most recent ones for platforms, platform-tools, and build-tools: sdkmanager "platform-tools" "platforms;android-30" "build-tools;30.0.0"

PS: To be able to create an Android device simulator, I needed to run alse: sdkmanager.bat "system-images;android-30;google_apis_playstore;x86"