I have a list of this model List<AnimeModel> animeModels=[];

AnimeModel animeModel=AnimeModel(id: "id", name: "name", image: "image");

after adding this model to the list when I do this it returns false why ?


Solution 1: Nico Spencer

Does AnimeModel properly implement == and hashCode? My guess is that it does not and that's why. Unless you're initializing const instances, Dart does object equality based on identity unless those methods are implemented.

Solution 2: FDuhen

This snippet may help you understand your problem.

  var animemodel = AnimeModel(id: "0", name: "One", image: "img");
  var animemodel2 = AnimeModel(id: "2", name: "Two", image: "Img2");
  var list = [animemodel, animemodel2];

  print("${list.contains(animemodel)}"); //Will return True

  var animemodel3 = AnimeModel(id: "0", name: "One", image: "img");

  print("${list.contains(animemodel3)}"); //Will return False

If you want animemodel3 to return true, you should override those two methods in your AnimeModel class :

  bool operator ==(o) => o is AnimeModel && name == o.name && id == o.id;
  int get hashCode => hash2(id.hashCode, name.hashCode);