I would like to create a dropdown or a list of all free FontAwesomeIcons to allow the user choose the one he/she like more. Also if You write something, the list have to filter the icons(that´s optional).

  List<IconData> fontAwesomeIcons = [FontAwesomeIcons.accessibleIcon,FontAwesomeIcons.americanSignLanguageInterpreting,FontAwesomeIcons.assistiveListeningSystems,FontAwesomeIcons.audioDescription,];

Solution 1: Peter Haddad

You can do the following:

 value: dropdownValue,
         onChanged: (IconDatanewValue) {
          setState(() {
            dropdownValue = newValue;
        items: <IconData>[FontAwesomeIcons.accessibleIcon,FontAwesomeIcons.americanSignLanguageInterpreting,FontAwesomeIcons.assistiveListeningSystems,FontAwesomeIcons.audioDescription]
          .map<DropdownMenuItem<IconData>>((IconData value) {
            return DropdownMenuItem<IconData>(
              value: value,
              child: Text(value),

The DropdownMenuItem is a class used to represent the items.

onChanged is called when the user selects an item. Check the docs for more information: