How do I send email using flutter mailer package without enabling 'less secure app access' in google security. I want something similar like sending mail in NodeJS. Can anyone send a code snippet to understand better?

I have tried this

sendMail async() {
     String username = '[email protected]';
     String password = 'password'; // Don't want to write my password in code

// Creating the Gmail server
     final smtpServer = gmail(username, password);

     final message = Message()
       ..from = Address(username)
       ..recipients.add('[email protected]')      //recipient email
       ..subject = 'Subject line'                   //subject of the email
      ..text = 'This is the plain text.\nThis is line 2 of the text part.';

     try {
       final sendReport = await send(message, smtpServer);
       print('Message sent: ' +
     } on MailerException catch (e) {
       print('Message not sent. \n' +

If there is a way to just send mails without mentioning password , I would be glad to know it.