In Dart we might want to set a variable to some fixed value, but which variable we set may depend on some bool expression. For example

String value = 'Hello World!';
bool sendToFirst = false;

String first = '';
String second = '';

if (sendToFirst){
  first = value;
else {
  second = value;

This block would do what you want, but is there a more concise way of doing this? Something like

(sendToFirst ? first : second) = value;

But of course this does not work.

Solution 1: Jahn E.

There is a way to simplify if statements: Ternary expressions. Following your example you have to code:

sendToFirst ? first = value : second = value

In the end you are just replacing the keywords with syntactic sugar, where the ? replaces the "if bool is true"-part, followed by a condition that should be executed (the body of the condition) and the colon : for the else-part, again, followed by a body.

FYI: You can mark value final, if you are not planning to re-asign a new value to it.