This is my notification function , How to set a custom sound from my assets?

Future<void> _repeatNotification() async {
    var androidPlatformChannelSpecifics = AndroidNotificationDetails(
        'repeating channel id',
        'repeating channel name',
        'repeating description',
    var iOSPlatformChannelSpecifics = IOSNotificationDetails();
    var platformChannelSpecifics = NotificationDetails(
        androidPlatformChannelSpecifics, iOSPlatformChannelSpecifics);
    await flutterLocalNotificationsPlugin.periodicallyShow(0, 'Title',
        'Body', RepeatInterval.EveryMinute, platformChannelSpecifics);

Solution 1: MrJM

Custom sounds should be set from the native Android and iOS projects. For Android this will be the raw folder.

You can play the custom sound by defining its name while instantiating the NotificationDetails

        'repeating channel id',
        'repeating channel name',
        'repeating description',
         sound: 'your_sound_file_name',

IOSNotificationDetails(sound: "your_sound_file_name.aiff")

Solution 2: umer qazi

You can play the asset sound through the following property:

sound:  const UriAndroidNotificationSound("assets/tunes/pop.mp3"),

Worked 100% correctly:

await flutterLocalNotificationsPlugin.schedule(
    'Notification Alert',
      android: AndroidNotificationDetails(
          importance: Importance.max,
          priority: Priority.high,
          color: primaryColor,
          playSound: true,
          sound:  const UriAndroidNotificationSound("assets/tunes/azan.mp3"),
          icon: '@mipmap/ic_launcher'