When accessing a flutter page, I'm creating a graph (syncfusion) and 2 rows with values downloaded from some API.

I create an empty page, then, when the data is loaded, I set the variables with the respective data and call setState(() {walletRows=wallet.getWallet();}); to update the rows variable with the data for the rows I mentioned in the beginning.

Problem: the graph is actually generated but the rows are not created (if I change page or hot reload, the rows appears)

In initState i call loadPageData which loads the data in 2 variables.

  initState() {
    _pageController = PageController();


This is the loadPageData func

  Future<void> loadPageData() async {
    this._chartData = await getChartData(); // variable to feed sfcartesianchart
    const storage = FlutterSecureStorage(); // getting token for api call
    String token = await storage.read(key: 'token') as String;
    var wallet = WalletRow();
    setState(() {walletRows=wallet.getWallet();}); //setting state with updated walletrows


Within a Column i have another Column where the children are taken from walletRows.

      crossAxisAlignment: CrossAxisAlignment.start,
      children:  [
        const Text(
          textAlign: TextAlign.left,
          style: TextStyle(
              fontWeight: FontWeight.bold,
              fontSize: 20,
                  Color.fromARGB(255, 113, 113, 113)),


As requested, here is the page (just part of it, else it would be too long): https://pastebin.com/cVC2pdhX


I realized that if I add a Button with setState on the onPressed event, the rows get correctly added; so it seems there is a problem with the first setState although I still can't find a solution to it.