kanade - Apk Extractor Build with Flutter

Kanade is a simple app that allows you to extract apk from your apps list. Fully open-source, zero-ads and no-tracking.

Twitter Clone Build with Flutter

A working Twitter clone built in Flutter using Firebase auth,realtime,firestore database and storage.

Sudoku Game Build with Flutter

This is a fully fledged Sudoku game written in Dart using Flutter. It can be exported to Android, iOS, Fuchsia, Windows, Linux, MacOS, PWA or a Web App

WhatTodo Build with Flutter

A Simple To-do app design in flutter to keep track of your task on daily basis. You can add project, labels and due-date to your tasks

Login UI Flutter

Beautiful Login Panel UI with support for dark mode and validation. Created by Martin Gogołowicz

Flutter Car Rent Full App

Flutter Car Rent Full App

Musify Streaming App made in Flutter

Music Streaming and Downloading app made in Flutter!

Ecommerce Flutter App Compatible with both iOS & Android

fully functioning e-commerce flutter application that is compatible with both iOS & Android. I built it with the MVVM ( Model-View-ViewModel ) architecture

Chat Flutter Build with Flutter and Firebase

A full stack real time chatting app with Flutter and Firebase CRUD operaions.

Flutter Browser App Build with Flutter

A Full-Featured Mobile Browser App (such as the Google Chrome mobile browser) created using Flutter and the features offered by the flutter_inappwebview plugin

Netflix UI Clone Build with Flutter and BloC

The Project uses BloC package to manage the state and GoRouter for navigation. It use the awesome TMDB API to fetch the needed tv shows and movie data

How to reverse strings that contain surrogate pairs in Dart?

I was playing with algorithms using Dart and as I actually followed TDD, I realized that my code has some limitations. I was trying to reverse strings as part...

Flutter navState context

I searched for a way to navigate through notification and i had to find solution for using context out of widget scoped so i created Global variable and Navigator stat...

How can I change gradle to work offline in Android Studio Bumblebee for a Flutter project

I have Android Studio Bumblebee on ubuntu and I need to set my Gradle to work offline. I can't find the gradle tab to try out some of the suggestions such as this one....

Class MockFirebaseAuth has no instance method createUserWithEmailAndPassword with matching arguments

I'm not sure how to get passed this error. I type in an email that is not associated with <code>MockUser</code> then it goes to the <code>RegisterFormLogin</code> widg...