I need to create a list of elements to do a "wikipedia" style page, like a documentation with images and texts. This is my code and i got a yellow and black strip with "A RenderFlex overflowed by 58 pixels on the bottom.".

      body: Column(
        children: [
            child: Padding(
              padding: const EdgeInsets.all(1.0),
              child: Scrollbar(
                child: GridView.builder(
                  physics: const BouncingScrollPhysics(),
                  itemCount: classe.content.length,
                  gridDelegate: const SliverGridDelegateWithFixedCrossAxisCount(
                    crossAxisCount: 1,

                  shrinkWrap: true,

                  itemBuilder: (context, index) => BuildContent(
                    content: classe.content[index],

Solution 1: fsbelinda

Try to wrap your Column like this :

  child: SizedBox(
    height: MediaQuery.of(context).size.height,
    width: MediaQuery.of(context).size.width,
    child: Column(/*...*/),