I want to add a description of each image and do up and down the orders of the image with tiny icons.

I tried with multi_image_picker, but it has a limit to customizing. how can I make like uploaded image in flutter? Can't flutter make like that image?

Solution 1: Sasidhar Mankala

Use the ListTile widget for doing such things. The ListTile can have attributes like leading, title, subtitle and trailing. So in your case, you can make the leading parameter equals to image and title will be the text which contains the description.

Sample code will look like this

        leading: Image(),
        title: Text('Description'),
        subtitle: Text('sub descrip')
        trailing: Icon(),

Also, refer to the documentation here

Solution 2: Jim

You need to customised the album, then you need to build your own album with this photo_manager:

get album photos by paged:

// page: The page number of the page, starting at 0.
// perPage: The number of pages per page.
final assetList = await path.getAssetListPaged(page, perPage);

once you got them, layout whatever you like, like left side image and right side description in rows