Got a problem reading an asset in Flutter web app. I've declared it in pubspec.yaml

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But when I'm trying to load it with await rootBundle.loadString('test/sample_text.json'); I always get the same error Error while trying to load an asset: Failed to load asset at "assets/test/sample_text.json" Never had such issue when developing for mobile

Solution 1: Răzvan Puiu

Assets in the web are placed under another assets/ directory, which results in the path being assets/assets/....

Create a simple function e.g. in lib/utils.dart:

import 'package:flutter/foundation.dart';

String path(str) {
  return (kIsWeb) ? 'assets/$str' : str;

Wrap any path strings with this function, for example


Solution 2: menefrego

the correct way to do this is packages/$your_package/assets/test/sample_text.json