I am trying to add Realm-android to my flutter project. I have added gradle dependencies as per the Realm documentation, but I still don't see realm packages in my android code, when I try to extend classes with Realm classes. I also tried gradle sync, gradlew clean assemble, but still no fix.

Gradle files: /android/build.gradle

   repositories {
    dependencies {
    classpath 'com.android.tools.build:gradle:3.0.1'
    classpath 'com.google.gms:google-services:3.1.0'
    classpath 'io.realm:realm-gradle-plugin:5.0.0'


apply plugin: 'com.android.application'
apply plugin: 'realm-android'
apply from: "$flutterRoot/packages/flutter_tools/gradle/flutter.gradle"

Thanks in advance.

Solution 1: Ganapat

In my case, it was silly reason causing this issue. Instead of importing flutter project root folder in Android studio, import only android (flutter_project_root_dir/android) specific folder into Android Studio. This fixed the issue for me.

Hope this saves some time of others facing similar issue.