While trying to run my existing flutter app on windows, got the following exeption - "Exception: No Windows desktop project configured. See https://flutter.dev/desktop#add-desktop-support-to-an-existing-flutter-app to learn about adding Windows support to a project". After i entered the given url and trying to run the command: "flutter create --platforms=window,macos,linux ." it says: "Ambiguous organization in existing files: {il.co.project.pos, com.example}. The --org command line argument must be specified to recreate project."

Here trying to run on windows

Here trying to run the create command

Solution 1: Hamza Dar

You Probably re-use the code for new project and changed the package name that's why its causing conflict with your project use flutter create --org package_name .

Solution 2: balu k

run flutter create --org your_package_name project_name

Solution 3: Amina Bekir

choose the package name:

package_name = com.xxx

flutter create --org com.xxx .

Solution 4: D. Ndungu

You can try this command in your projects root folder

flutter create --platforms=windows --org=com.example.org_name .

Solution 5: Petro

For those wondering, you will also get this error by having a parent directory name using dashes like: this-will-fail should be: thiswillfail

After that run: flutter create --org=com.project.web .


if you run inside terminal for web if you want for iOS then simple change web on iOS like flutter create --platforms=web. if then show error like this kind of error Ambiguous organization in existing files: {com.ecobuy, com.eco_buy}. The --org command line argument must be specified to recreate project. then simply write below line flutter create --platforms=web --org=com.example.org_name