I'm trying to use flutter on Android Studio. I have the flutter plugin installed on Android Studio and when i try to create a new flutter project it behaves normally, in the sense of it lets me write the project name, the flutter sdk path and so on. But when i click on finish absolutely nothing happens. I just see the Android Studio Welcome page where i can create new Projects. So i figured I'd see what flutter doctor -v has to say about it and it gives me these errors: Here you can see the errors i get

So i try to find a solution by typing : flutter doctor --android-licenses but i get another error: The error in red

And yes i have set the PATH variable and i have installed Android SDK Tools.

I tried everything but nothing seems to do the job.

Any help would be appreciated.

Solution 1: Agus Rusmanto

if you are using windows OS, backup your data, reinstall windows..remember to choose option to keep your files and application..after finish..check updates and update windows.. then run flutter doctor --android-licenses