I have a Flutter project where, all of a sudden, without me doing anything special as far as I can remember..the Android side has started to show an error, and I am totally lost, I have no idea at all of what is wrong or why that happened.

That is what I see when I open the android folder, the MainActivity on the flutter project on android studio:

enter image description here

I have tried calling flutter clean, restart/invalidate cache, gradle clean...and so far nothing works.

The weird thing is that the project actually runs in the emulator without any problem. And also, if I open the Android part independently on Android Studio i don't see any error.

Anyone had that before?

Android Studio version 3.3.1

Solutions of this answer do not work.

** ----- NOTE ----- **

The problem here can be (not sure at all maybe someone else can help here) that I am using a flutter package called ImagePicker, which after some code investigation, it turns out that it is using some AndrodX imports....and...as far as I am aware of...Flutter is not yet compatible with AndroidX.

But i need someone else to confirm that in order to post a solution.

Solution 1: DevTard

This error is not really an error. This happens because android studio is set to read and edit dart not java. In order to edit the android side of a flutter project, you need to click on the android folder -> go to the flutter option -> click 'open in Android Studio'.

This will then allow you to edit the android side of your project.

Solution 2: Atul

Set Configure to the Android project SDK of flutter application

Step by Step

  1. Click on File -> Project settings then select appropriate API level as per your project will solve your issue

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