I just started app programming and I wanted to do so using flutter. But when I want to create a new flutter project, it takes eternal and doesn't finish. Tried all fixed, updating flutter and AS, running AS in Admin Mode (btw I'm using Win 10), creating the project offline, not doing so, reinstalling AS in a folder with a dart-compliant name, but one option I can't try: in the settings for new projects I can't set the standard path of the flutter and dart sdk. If anyone knows how to fix this, or, even better, how to create a flutter project, please describe it step by step, since I'm a complete beginner to app programming

Solution 1: Khalil

Did you follow the guidelines correctly when creating a new Flutter project? Please follow this link step by step https://flutter.dev/docs/development/tools/android-studio

Solution 2: Aamil Silawat

Try out this step manually in android studio :


Solution 3: Vincent Guttmann

One solution was just running the flutter create command. Although it kind of worked offline, I finally decided to create the flutter project online. Afterwards I opened it in AS without a problem or missing/corrupted files (so the issue should be with AS and flutter together). And even if it's kind of a workaround, it worked for me.

This is what I typed in the console:

flutter create --pub --no-offline --with-driver-test --template=app --description="Your description here." --org="yourdomainhere" --project-name="your_project_name_here" C:\src\flutter\flutter_projects\your_flutter_project

Solution 4: sha1

For those viewing this question in 2021 and onwards, you need to do the following to get Flutter (version 2) to work in Android Studio (version 4<) on Windows.

  1. Download and extract the Flutter SDK. See https://flutter.dev/docs/get-started/install/windows
  2. Include path/to/flutter-sdk/bin in your path (System Properties -> Environment Variables)
  3. Install the flutter plugin in Android Studio
  4. Create a project and provide the SDK path (without /bin at the end)