It was all working fine until this morning...

Then I loaded McAfee onto my Windows 10 laptop because the free trial period was up. While doing this I noticed Windows 10 did some updates on a restart.

After that, Android Studio wouldn't run like it had before (earlier this morning), and in particular running the emulator made the system 'blue screen' crash. So I completely removed McAfee. Now the Emulator will start up OK, but the same crash happens when Android Studio tries to load my app (Flutter) into it.

(Fortunately Android Studio will still build an APK for my phone, so not everything is lost.)

What's going on?? Have I (or McAfee) mucked up some security setting on the PC, so the Emulator can't talk to Android Studio? Loads of disc space so it's not that ... I'm a bit stuck for what to try next ...

Solution 1: Marcos Maliki

Try this:

Click on the AVD icon, right click on the installed AVD, click Wipe Data then start it.