I'm trying to find an equivalent of Ctrl + Space (Windows shortcut) in VS Code to list all named parameters in Android Studio. I know CMD + P (Mac) will show a popup with all parameters.

I found that Opt + P (Mac) will list all parameters similar to the VS Code shortcut.

However, Opt + P maps to "π" on mac keyboards so it puts a π in front of any names parameter I select from the list even if I used Tab, Space, or Enter.

I have the Presenter plugin installed to show what shortcut is being called when I press Opt + P and it doesn't register any shortcuts. When I look through all the keyboard shortcut options in Android Studio I don't see anything bound to Opt + P so I can't reassign it to a key that won't result in a π.

Android Studio Key mapping

Any ideas?

Opt + P result Image:
opt+P result Image