I am having problems when I add an item to a CardList and try to display it using a Carousel. The item is added to the list but when I try to see it through the Carousel the error is shown :

I/flutter (12255): Another exception was thrown: NoSuchMethodError: The method '*' was called on null.

I have tried to not leave anything uninitialized as I have read in similar cases regarding this issue, but it doesn't help.

you can check my code here on my Github profile: https://github.com/varamsky/notes

And this is an image of the emulator screen.

enter image description here

Solution 1: Matias de Andrea

kumar I see your code and find the problem. In file todoCard.dart in line 93 have this:

child: Text('${(percent*100).toInt()}%'),

This operation in the string (percent*100) not is valid because, for some reason, the percent is null. You need to verify if percent is null.

PS: In next time, please place the code in answer, to facilitate a response.

PS2: I make a pull request to add a complete gitignore in your repository. This makes the repository easier to clone and work with him :D

A hug

Solution 2: Raj Kushwaha

I solved this problem while when I added:

textDirection: TextDirection.ltr, below the Row check ----

enter image description here