I'm building an flutter app and I'm trying to save images with their respective metadata intact.

I'm using a lib that makes possible to read image bytes and read metadata (MultiImagePicker). But when I save the image bytes to a new file, the metadata isn't there. Also, I'm not able to directly copy the Image I require.

I found lots of libraries to read metadata, but none to append/edit metadata. So, is there a way to edit/append metadata in dart/flutter?

Solution 1: PhoenixPhighter

Here is my null-safe fork of a package I found on Github that allows you to both modify and read Exif data from a file: https://github.com/PhoenixPhighter/exif_flutter.git

Here is a helpful post on using this package: https://github.com/Beakyn/exif_flutter/issues/2

This package will allow you to edit the location, altitude, and date.