I am trying to build a login screen for Flutter right now. I have two questions related to how it works in Flutter.

  1. I have my backend set with React and use cookies for auth check. Is it possible to store cookies like web in Flutter? I have cookie validation backend that it checks for valid cookies. Wondering if I can still use this in Flutter.

  2. If I use a local storage approach, do I have to setup a permission request for that? And, if a user rejects then I can't use it correct? Moreover, does android users have access to this file?

I am not using Firebase, I have my own backend. Is there a best practice for Node <---> Flutter auth? Most questions or doc are related to Firebase.

Solution 1: Domino

There is no support for something like Android AccountManager yet, but there are some plugins that do similar things:


/EDIT: There is a CookieStore class if you want to store cookie