I have a List that contains lottery numbers List image

How can I separate number and text, and after that list them in the below list: for example:

  List<String> n = ["ABC23", "21A23", "12A312","32141A"];

Thank you!

Solution 1: Abbas Jafari

You can do it by using forEach like below:

List<String> n = ["23", "2123", "12312","32141"];
n.forEach((element) => 

And to separate number and text you can use the following code:

const text = '''
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final intRegex = RegExp(r'\s+(\d+)\s+', multiLine: true);
final doubleRegex = RegExp(r'\s+(\d+\.\d+)\s+', multiLine: true);
final timeRegex = RegExp(r'\s+(\d{1,2}:\d{2})\s+', multiLine: true);
void main() {
  print(intRegex.allMatches(text).map((m) => m.group(0)));
  print(doubleRegex.allMatches(text).map((m) => m.group(0)));
  print(timeRegex.allMatches(text).map((m) => m.group(0)));

Please refer to this link for more information.

Solution 2: Robert Sandberg

To do something with each element:

List<String> n = ["23", "2123", "12312","32141"];
n.forEach((element) {
    int number = int.parse(element);

To do create list of ints:

List<String> n = ["23", "2123", "12312","32141"];
final intList = n.map((element) => int.parse(element)).toList();