Aye aye good people,

after several runs of debugging, suddenly... logging suddenly return me this error:

Compiler message: org-dartlang-debug:synthetic_debug_expression:1:1: Error: Method not found: 'toStringDeep'. toStringDeep() ^^^^^^^^^^^^ org-dartlang-debug:synthetic_debug_expression:1:1: Error: The method 'toStringDeep' isn't defined for the class 'Logger'. - 'Logger' is from 'package:logging/logging.dart' ('file:///C:/src/flutter/.pub-cache/hosted/pub.dartlang.org/logging-0.11.3+2/lib/logging.dart').

"toStringDeep" isn't my stuff, probably used in logging; I tried to go back on my steps and remove the log(?) I've added, but still returns the same error.

any help? pretty please...


Solution 1: Andre Azevedo

When I get this error, I use "flutter clean" and it solves the problem.

Solution 2: FArk

alternatively, just remove the build folder.

Solution 3: Lahar Shah

I ran into a similar issue, for me It only happens with Android Studio's interface run/debug button. It was working fine with flutter run command.

But clearing out the build files/cache fixed the issue.

1. Android Studio:

Menu Tool > Flutter > Flutter Clean


2. OR run the command on CLI:

flutter clean


3. Using shortcut

It doesn't have a default key shortcut to run flutter clean, but you can add one easily.
I added + H hotkey for flutter clean. You can define yours. Here is how:

  1. Open Preferences/Settings.

enter image description here

  1. Click on Keymap
  2. Search for flutter clean.
  3. Right click on Flutter Clean and select Add Keyboard shortcut

enter image description here

  1. Add the keyboard short cut you prefer. I added Command + H

enter image description here

Now you can do it quicker.

Solution 4: Tom Ebert

Running flutter clean in terminal solves this for me. Annoying bug that happens quite often right now.

Solution 5: M E S A B O

run in Terminal :

flutter clean