The Holy Quran App (القرآن الكريم)

Application of the Holy Quran book of Muslims, developed using Flutter & Dart.

القران الكريم كاملاً دون اتصال بالانترنت وهو مطابق تماماً للمصحف الورقي بمميزات عديدة منها: وضع علامة و الانتقال اليها بسهولة، الوضع الليلي، حفظ آخر صفحة و الانتقال اليها عند فتح التطبيق، توفر صفحة لفهرس السور و فهرس للاجزاء, الاحزاب, الارباع و الصفحات.

The Holy Quran App (القرآن الكريم)

🎯 Main Features

✅ Works offline

✅ Bookmark a page to easily go back to it

✅ Easily navigate with Surah's index page & Juz index page

✅ Dark mode

✅ Continue on the page you left off

🔜 Search for Ayah (comming soon)

📁 Download for Android

CLICK HERE to download.

⚙ Installation steps

You can copy anything from the code source.

If you want to get the full project:

git clone
cd the-holy-quran-app-flutter
flutter packages get
flutter run

🎨 Figma Project

There is also a free Figma project for this app.

You can check it out from here:

🔨 Used packages

provider, carousel_slider, flutter_svg, shared_preferencesm flutter_native_splash, flutter_launcher_icons.

🧑 Author

Aymen Dennoub

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🤝 Contribution

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