Well I'm using Flutter v1.15.2 (Dart 2.8.0) on Dev Channel to create a web app.

I'm doing a request to a "remote" API, and this API returns a Json with some data. Into this data there is a field called 'title' that sometimes contains special characters as the letter 'ñ'.

The thing is that I'm converting this Json object into a Map in the usual way with a class like:

class Similar {
  final String title;


  Similar.fromJson(Map<String, dynamic> json)
    :title = json['title']

For example the API returns this word: 'CAÑAVERAL'
But, this is what flutter shows in the view instead of CAÑAVERAL: IMAGE

I don't find any solution to this in internet. Please HELP!

The user @RichardHeap gave the answer to the problem I had in this other Question: Flutter fetched Japanese character from server decoded wrong

ThankYou So much