Is it possible to configure a Flutter app with a minimum Android SDK Version such that pub wont try and install dependency that require a higher android sdk version?

I've cloned a few repositories such as and

These have dependencies in pubspec.yaml like

    sdk: flutter

  #for app key
  url_launcher: ^6.0.3

When I execute flutter run I end up with error messages like:

Warning: The plugin path_provider_android requires Android SDK version 31.
Warning: The plugin url_launcher_android requires Android SDK version 31.
One or more plugins require a higher Android SDK version.
Fix this issue by adding the following to /projects/sandbox/tsacdop/android/app/build.gradle:
android {
  compileSdkVersion 31

In my case I want to use the app on Android 11 (SDK Version 30), so updating the minimum version isn't the solution I'm looking for. Though I did follow How to change Android minSdkVersion in flutter project, but configuring android/app/src/build.gradle as suggested did not work:

defaultConfig {
   // setting these did NOT fix the compile errors
   minSdkVersion flutter.minSdkVersion
   targetSdkVersion flutter.targetSdkVersion

I've tried setting dependency to an explicit version in the pubspec.yaml file, which fixes some of the dependencies as a one-off, but it would be nice to find a universal solution.

Solution 1: Kishan Busa

Just assign your required SDK versions Like below. this will solve your compile error.

defaultConfig {
  minSdkVersion 31
  targetSdkVersion 31

or you can change flutter.minSdkVersion and flutter.targetSdkVersion directly from flutter>packages>Flutter_tools>gradle>flutter.gradle