I am using awesome_notifications: ^0.0.6+12 as a local notification that shows notification/information on the status bar of the device. So far the function to show a notification runs very well, but I got a problem with the counter of notification. As we know.. when one notification pops up there will be a flag counter in our icon apps 1 and when the second notification pops up.. it will turn into 2 But, the problem is... when I click the notification from the status bar and then the app is opening, the counter is still 1 while.. it should be removed after I click it... Is there a way to solve this? here is the part of the code

notifRequirement() {
    AwesomeNotifications().actionStream.listen((notification) {
      if (notification.channelKey == 'basic_channel' && Platform.isIOS) {
              (value) =>
                  AwesomeNotifications().setGlobalBadgeCounter(value - 1),

          builder: (_) => MainScreen(),
        (route) => route.isFirst,

I call notifRequirement inside initState and in main.dart:

          channelKey: 'scheduled',
          channelName: 'Scheduled Notifications',
          defaultColor: Colors.red,
          locked: false,
          importance: NotificationImportance.High,
          channelShowBadge: true,
          channelDescription: "description 1"),